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Listing Fees

a. In order to showcase and advertise a motorhome on our esteemed platform, a nominal listing fee is applicable.

b. Detailed information regarding the listing fees can be found on our dedicated “Listing Fees” page available on our website.

c. Due to your listing being advertised, we cannot offer refunds.


a. We are delighted to inform you that “Motorhome Flipper” does not impose any transaction fees related to the buying or selling process within our platform.

b. It’s imperative to note that the responsibility for negotiations and finalising transactions rests solely upon the buyers and sellers. “Motorhome Flipper” does not intervene or mediate in the transactional process.

Contact Information

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User Responsibilities

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Limitation of Liability

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Changes to Terms

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Governing Law

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Contact Information

For further inquiries or clarifications regarding our terms and conditions, please feel free to contact us at contact@motorhomeflipper.co.uk. Your satisfaction and understanding are paramount to us.

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