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About us

Established in January 2022, our company is dedicated to revolutionising the motorhome trading experience. Specialising exclusively in Motorhome sales, we have swiftly emerged as a trusted marketplace for enthusiasts looking to buy or sell their vehicles.

At Motorhome Flipper, we are passionate about connecting enthusiasts with their dream motorhome. Our platform provides a seamless and secure marketplace where buyers and sellers can come together to explore, discover, and transact with confidence.

With a team comprising industry experts, we bring a wealth of knowledge to guide buyers and sellers through every step of the process.

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Selling Motorhomes on this site has never been so easy. I thank them so much for their services!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The platform thoroughly vets each listing by verifying the motorhomes condition, maintenance records, and history. Detailed information and images are encouraged for transparency and quality assurance.

The platform itself does not directly offer warranties or guarantees for the motorhomes listed. However, buyers and sellers can discuss any existing warranties or guarantees associated with the van directly during the transaction.

The platform does not directly offer financing options. However, some sellers may offer financing or lease options independently. Buyers can discuss these possibilities with the individual seller during the purchasing process.

Yes, buyers can arrange a test drive or inspection with the seller before completing the purchase. It’s encouraged to discuss such arrangements directly with the seller to ensure a convenient and safe experience.

The platform recommends thorough inspections before finalising the purchase. Any post-sale issues should be addressed directly between the buyer and seller. However, if there are concerns about fraudulent activity, users are encouraged to report such incidents to the platform immediately.

Currently, the platform focuses primarily on domestic UK listings. However, there might be plans to expand to international listings. 

Yes, sellers are encouraged to offer comprehensive and accurate details about their motorhome. This includes information about the vehicle’s condition, any modifications or conversions, maintenance history, mileage, and features. Providing clear and honest descriptions, along with high-quality images, helps build trust and ensures transparency for potential buyers.

Got questions or inquiries? We're here to help! Contact our team for any assistance or information you need. We're committed to providing prompt and friendly support for all your motorhome queries.
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